Scalingo Command Line Tool


Just copy/paste the command below in your terminal and execute it.

Documentation and features

Read everything in our Documentation Center.

Supported operating systems

  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenBSD

For each of these operating systems, you can download a precompiled binary.

The client is developed with Go. Therefore, there is no external dependency.



  • [Mongo Console Add replicaset support to correctly connect to them #306
  • [Notifiers] Add Notifiers related commands #303 #301 #297 #296:
     notifiers          List your notifiers
     notifiers-details  Show details of your notifiers
     notifiers-add      Add a notifier for your application
     notifiers-update   Update a notifier
     notifiers-remove   Remove an existing notifier from your app
  • [Notifications] Feature removed, replaced by notifiers, all the notifications have been migrated to notifiers #307
  • [Internals] Migrate to original urfave/cli instead of using our own fork of the library #290
  • [Update] Add timeout in update checking to avoid the CLI to freeze when GitHub is down for instance #274
  • [Auth] When authentication file is corrupted, recreate a new one instead of crashing #283
  • [Logs-archive] Logs archives are now listable and downloadable from the CLI #289
  • [Logs] Lines are now colored according to the source of the line #286


  • [Feature] Add deploy command to deploy a tarball or a war archive directly
scalingo deploy archive.tar.gz
scalingo deploy project.war
scalingo deploy


  • [Fix] Fix error message when a user tries to break its free trial before the end #458
  • [Feature] Add influxdb-console to run an influxdb interactive shell in a one-off container


  • [Feature] Add timeline and user-timeline to display per are of user-global activities #235
  • [Feature] Add list, remove and add commands for notifications
  • [Feature] Add deployments command to get the a deployments list for an application #222 #234
  • [Feature] Add deployment-logs command to get logs for a specific deployment
  • [Feature] Add deployment-follow command to follow the deployment stream for an application
  • [Feature - Login] Automatically try SSH with ssh-agent if available #262
  • [Feature - Create] –buildpack flag to specify a custom buildpack
  • [Fix] Fix error handling when an addon fails to get provisioned #252
  • [Fix] Fix error display when an application doesn’t have any log available #249
  • [Fix] Fix error display when connection to the SSH server fails #242
  • [Fix] Password typing error on windows (ReadConsoleInput error) #237
  • [Fix] Login command logs twice #258


  • [Bugfix - Auth] Fix authentication configuration for –ssh or –apikey, two attempts were necessary #208 #209


  • [Feature - Auth] Authentication with API key or SSH key (–ssh or –api-key flags) #196 #200
  • [Feature - Auth] New format of configuration file for authentication, auto migration. #200
  • [Feature - Scale] Possibility to scale with relative operator (i.e. web:+1) #197 #198
  • [Feature - Run] –type to directly run a command defined by a Procfile line #185 #207
  • [Feature - Run] –silent flag to remove any noise and only get the one-off command output #191
  • [Enhancement - Run] Display output on stderr to be able to drop it to /dev/null #190
  • [Enhancement - Run] Exit code of one-off container is now forward as exit code of the CLI #203 #205
  • [Bugfix - Stats] Fix computation of percentage for higher bound value
  • [Bugfix - Run] Accept pipes and redirections as input for one-off containers #199 #206
  • [Bugfix - Env] Remove arguments validation, that’s server role, and it changes sometimes
  • [Bugfix - Env] Add quotes in output of env-set to avoid copy/paste problem with the final period
  • [Bugfix - Scale] Fix error management when application is already restarting or scaling #195
  • [Bugfix - Tunnel] Fix panic when authentication fails when building SSH tunnel
  • [Bugfix - Tunnel] Fix double error handling when binding local port #202
  • [Bugfix] Fix install script on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11


  • [Feature - DB Tunnel] Reconnect automatically in case of connection problem
  • [Feature - DB Tunnel] Default port at 10000, if not available 10001 etc.
  • [Feature - One-off] More verbose output and spinner when starting a one-off container #180 #184
  • [Feature - Logs] Automatically reconnect to logs streaming if anything wrong happen #182
  • [Feature] Add stats command to get containers CPU and memory metrics
  • [Bugfix] Fix delete command (app name wasn’t read correctly) #177


  • [Bugfix] Authentication problem when auth file doesn’t exist


  • [Feature] Show suggestions to wrong commands #164
  • [Feature] Add DISABLE_INTERACTIVE environment variable to disable blocking user input #146
  • [Feature - Completion] Enable completion on restart command #158 #159
  • [Bugfix] Login on Windows 10 when using git bash #171 #160
  • [Bugfix] Fix error when upgrading addon #168 #170
  • [Bugfix] User friendly login prompt in case of “No account” #152
  • [Bugfix] Destroy command requesting API to know if app exists or not before asking for confirmation #161 #162 #155 #151
  • [Bugfix] Do not display wrong completion when user is not logged in #146 #142
  • [Refactoring] Extract Scalingo API functions to an external package #150
  • [Refactoring] Use API endpoint to update multiple environment variables at once #153


  • [Feature] Build in Linux ARM #145
  • [Feature - Completion] Add local cache of applications when using completion on them, avoid heavy unrequired API requests #141
  • [Feature - Completion] Completion of the --remote flag #139
  • [Optimisation - Completion] Completion of collaborators-add command is now quicker (×2 - ×4) #137
  • [Bugfix - Completion] Do not display error in autocompletion when unlogged #142
  • [Bugfix] Fix regression, small flags were not working anymore #144 #147


  • [Feature - CLI] Setup Bash and ZSH completion thanks to codegangsta/cli helpers #127
  • [Feature - CLI] Add -r/–remote flag to specify a GIT remote instead of an app name #89
  • [Feature - CLI] Add -r/–remote flag to the create subcommand to specify an alternative git remote name (default is scalingo) #129
  • [Feature - Log] Add -F/–filter flag to filter log output by container types #118
  • [Bugfix - Run] Fix parsing of environment variables (flag -e) #119
  • [Bugfix - Mongo Console] Do not try to connect to the oplog user anymore (when enabled) #117
  • [Bugfix - Logs] Stream is cut with an ‘invalid JSON’ error, fixed by increasing the buffer size #135
  • [Bugfix - Tunnel] Error when the connection to the database failed, a panic could happen


  • [Feature - Databases] Add helper to run interactive console for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis #111
  • [Feature - Collaborators] Handle collaborators directly from the command line client #113
  • [Feature - Proxy] Add support and documentation about how to use a HTTPS proxy #104 #110
  • [Refactoring - API calls] Completely refactor error management for Scalingo API calls #112
  • [Improvement - SSL] Embed Scalingo new SSL certificate SHA-256 only #109
  • [Bugfix - Macos] #105 #114
  • [Bugfix - Logs] No more weird error message when no log is available for an app #108
  • [Bugfix - Logs] Use of websocket for log streaming #86 #115 #116
  • [Bugfix - Windows] Babun shell compatibility #106


  • [Feature] Modify size of containers with scalingo scale - #102
  • [Bugfix] Fix ssh-agent error when no private key is available - Fixed #100
  • [Bugfix] Fix domain-add issue. (error about domain.crt file) - Fixed #98
  • [Bugfix] Fix addon plans description, no more HTML in them - #96
  • [Bugfix] Correctly handle db-tunnel when alias is given as argument - Fixed #93


  • Windows, password: don’t display password in clear
  • Windows, db-tunnel: Correctly handle SSH key path with -i flag
  • Send OS to one-off containers (for prompt handling, useful for Windows)
  • Fix EOF error when writing the password
  • Fix authentication request to adapt the API
  • Correctly handle 402 errors (payment method required) #90
  • Project is go gettable go get
  • Fix GIT remote detection #89
  • Correctly handle 404 Error, display clearer messages #91
  • More documentation for the run command - Fixed #79
  • Rewrite API client package, remove unsafe code - Fixed #80
  • Allow environment variable name or value for db-tunnel as argument
  • Extended help for db-tunnel - Fixed #85
  • Ctrl^C doesn’t kill an run command anymore - Fixed #83
  • –app flag can be written everywhere in the command line - Fixed #10
  • Use SSH agent if possible to get SSH credentials
  • Correcty handle encrypted SSH keys (AES-CBC and DES-ECE2) - Fixed #76, #77


  • Adapt to Scalingo API modifications
  • Do not encode HTML entities anymore - command: logs
  • New login command - command: login
  • Allow to use encrypted SSH key (AES-128-CBC) - command: db-tunnel


  • Fix credential storage issue - fixed #72, #73
  • Fix wrong help for command ‘db-tunnel’ - fixed #74
  • Fix logfile open operation on MacOS - fixed #70
  • Build Windows version on Windows with CGO - fixed #71
  • Build Mac OS verison on Mac OS with CGO - fixed #71


  • Move addons-related commands to toplevel
    • new-command: addons-add <addon> <plan>
    • new-command: addons-remove <addon-id>
    • new-command: addons-upgrade <addon-id> <plan>


  • First public draft